Legends and Secrets of the Famous Islands of Wroclaw - a family walking tour




1.5 hour

Price per person

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Legends and Secrets of the Famous Islands of Wroclaw - a family walking tour


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The Cathedral Island is not only the oldest part of Wrocław, it is also a place full of legendary enchanting personalities, miraculous happenings and notorious characters captured in stone.

We invite the youngest explorers of Wrocław and their guardians for a family walk!


During the tour you will visit the seat of the former prince's stronghold. You will see the remains of the castle and find out how one of the princes helped the poor pigeons. Maybe you would like to find out where a church is hidden under another church?

Our passionate guide will show you where to find stone dumplings and even a stone head! You will learn how St. Wincenty became the patron of the Cathedral after a miraculous event at the Cathedral Island.

You will also uncover many more miracles whilst walking around the famous islands of Wrocław! Together, we will discover the secrets of the Cathedral and the dwarfs living at the Cathedral and the Sand Islands. Each of the gnomes will tell us their favourite place and the work they do.

We are happy to discover the famous islands of Wrocław together!


  • 1.5-hour family walk with a city guide around the Cathedral and the Sand Island
  • An opportunity to discover the secrets and legends of the famous islands of Wrocław
  • Exciting search together for figures captured in stone
  • A tour prepared for both children and their guardians
  • Sightseeing in small groups, limited to a maximum of 12 people


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DEPARTURE: Church of Saint Martin, Cathedral Island